La freccia di Apollo

L’impatto profondo e duraturo del coronavirus sulle nostre vite


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ISBN: 9788849006964 Tipologia: , , Argomenti: , Autore/Curatore: Nicholas A. Christakis
Pagine: 384
Collana: Saperi
Libro del mese: Dicembre 2020
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Le epidemie sono un vecchio e ben noto nemico, ma la maggior parte di noi non ne ha avuto esperienza diretta. La nostra reazione, individuale e collettiva, alla comparsa del coronavirus nel 2020 ha tuttavia dimostrato che le sfide e le risposte, buone o cattive che siano, sono senza tempo. Le calamità rimodellano il nostro ordine sociale, ci invitano a stare lontani gli uni dagli altri, a sostituire la fiducia con la paura e il sospetto, a incolpare gli altri per la nostra situazione. Ma generano anche altruismo, solidarietà e ingegnosità. Attingendo a fonti storiche e ad analisi moderne provenienti da una vasta gamma di discipline scientifiche, Nicholas Christakis – autore di bestseller, medico, sociologo ed esperto di salute pubblica – esplora tutte le implicazioni del vivere in un’epoca di pandemia. Questo libro godibile come un romanzo delinea uno scenario in cui la forza dirompente di un virus mortale si scontra con un assetto sociale che si è evoluto nei secoli anche fronteggiando emergenze come questa.

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“Seldom have we been gifted with a study of pandemic disease marked by such scope, wit, and erudition. Still rarer is one that appears while the rest of us scramble to make sense of a rapidly evolving crisis, one shaped by the very social forces that Nicholas Christakis has studied for decades. Apollo’s Arrow is more than history’s first draft. It will live on as a journal of the plague years, certainly, and it inspires as it instructs. Definitive, engaging, and astonishing. A tour-de-force.”―Paul Farmer, Professor, Harvard Medical School, Founder, Partners in Health

“The world is ravenous for deep and accurate information about the most important event in the 21st century. No one is deeper than Nicholas Christakis, who ticks every box of expertise: medical, epidemiological, social, psychological, economic, historical. This is the place to go to understand the phenomenon that has turned the world, and our lives, upside down. Apollo’s Arrow is gripping, enlightening, and vitally important.”―Steven Pinker, author of Enlightenment Now

“In this brilliant and timely book, scientist, scholar, physician, and writer Nicholas Christakis shines the light of history on our dark moment, and illuminates it as no one else can. Insightful, informative, and urgently necessary, Apollo’s Arrow is this year’s must-must-read.”―Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness

“Rich in psychological, sociological, and epidemiological insights, only Nicholas Christakis could write a book this comprehensive and profound and even optimistic during our national calamity.”―Amy Cuddy, author of Presence

“Wow, what a feat this is — a fully developed book of extraordinary insight and superb narrative structure that was somehow written in the midst of a live-action recording of events. The journalist in me marvels. The failures Nicholas Christakis captures are so enormously discouraging, infuriating, and tragic. I can only imagine how long this book will be read for reasons beyond the obvious. I burned right through it and highly recommend it.”―Michael Koryta, author of If She Wakes

Apollo’s Arrow shoots straight and true to explain the scientific and social aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. Christakis’s background in biology, medicine, epidemiology, and sociology is a powerful formula for understanding this complex subject. I’m tempted to say that the gods created Christakis to write this book at this time. It is wise, vivid, and engaging.”―William D. Nordhaus, author of The Climate Casino, and 2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics

“To capture the COVID-19 pandemic requires unusually broad and deep scholarship, and an ability to integrate the too-often siloed domains of science, medicine, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, politics, and history, among other fields. In Apollo’s Arrow, Nicholas Christakis accomplishes this challenging task as few others could, with unusual clarity and an endless array of surprising insights; this book will no doubt become essential reading for a very wide audience. A tour-de-force.”―Jeffrey Flier, MD, Former Dean of Harvard Medical School

“An instant history of an event that is by no means over. Exceptional. Magisterial.”―Niall Ferguson, Times Literary Supplement

“Gripping. An indelible portrait of a world transformed.”―Hamilton Cain, Star-Tribune

“Authoritative… A welcome assessment of the reality of the epidemic that has changed our lives.”―Kirkus Reviews

“An excellent overview of the pandemic thus far, this work will be of interest to those seeking a full explanation of how we got where we are in terms of the virus and the direction we might be going.”―Library Journal

“Provocative… Astutely shows how pandemics are as much about our societies, values, and leaders as they are about pathogens.”―Samuel V. Scarpino, Science

“Excellent and timely.”―The New Yorker