The uncertainty stemming from a covid-19 pandemic has impacted the dissemination of information, often leading to unreliable sources. As a result, many citizens had to make health decisions in a less than ideal environment and lacking the necessary skills of critical health literacy. To compound the picture, health communication is often intertwined with academic and commercial interests that affect health information disseminated by medical journals, press offices, scientific societies, and the media.
To address these issues towards viable solutions, it is worthwhile to enhance the ability of citizens to critically address health information, as well as provide educational opportunities for journalists, journalism students, and media professionals. Furthermore, contemporary trends in scientific publishing and communication need to be analysed and debated. These include the risky partnerships between institutions and industries, the reliability and value of research evaluation metrics and the new publishing models. The aim of this meeting is to foster discussion on these critical issues, urging greater attention from institutions, academic medicine, and the Italian media. It is crucial that concerted efforts are made to improve health communication across all stakeholders,with the aim of conveying accurate, reliable, and accessible health information to the public.

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Medicine & the Media is a project by
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Antonio Addis, Camilla Alderighi, Fabio Ambrosino, Luca De Fiore, Rebecca De Fiore, Raffaele Rasoini, Steven Woloshin

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Opening remarks
Antonio Addis – Department of Epidemiology of the Lazio Regional Health Service
Marina Davoli – Italian GRADE Center

Reshaping the research agenda
Karsten Juhl Jørgensen – Department of Clinical Research Københavns Universitet

Better reporting needs better research
Steven Woloshin – Center for Medicine and Media The Dartmouth Institute

Evidence of absence: The impact of invisible research on health knowledge
Ioana Alina Cristea – Departiment of General Psychology Università di Padova

Open research and communication: 10 years later
Raffaele Giusti – UOC Medical Oncology, AOU S. Andrea, Roma

Coffe break and Discussion

Targeting infodemics disseminating trustworthy content
Jennifer Beam Dowd –
Department of Sociology Oxford University

How to communicate in times of uncertainty
Deborah Cohen –
Freelance health editor, Former investigations editor of the BMJ

Will AI be a determinant of quality or harm in science communication?
Alberto E. Tozzi – Preventive and Predictive Medicine Research Unit, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Roma

Visualizing Health: Exploring the Relationship between Images and Medicine
Argenis Ibanez – Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore | Think2it


Luca De Fiore – Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore

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